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Playalongs for musicians !

  Playbacks for Drummers  
 easy Grooves 2

Drum Playalong CD

by Martin Häne

CD-Booklet in german: itīs not necessary to speak german to play along to the CD !

Groove it by Tunesday Records: GI 111

with clicktrack !

Practice like a professional, easy Rock- and Pop-Playalongs for beginners on the drums!



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The extension of the series for Drummers: instalment of 'easy Grooves 1' - especially for beginners!
Tunesday Records (Berlin) especially founded the 'Groove it' label in order to supply active musicians with groovy playbacks (playalongs) produced on a high level:

The CD offers the perfect accompanying band for all drummers that like to practice with a 'bandfeeling'. In order to make it easy for beginners, a metronom, which can be heard on the left canal, has consciously been added, and if necessary can also be turned off with the pan-control of the stereo. In response to a lot of demands the volume of the clicktrack has been raised.

You can also find a bonus-track with vocals (Patrick Quintin and Jörg Sieghart) on the CD which is available as a version just for listening and as a playback-version to play along to.
This accompanying band is 'irresistible' as it stays on beat (metronom numbers are published in the booklet!) which allows you not only to practice the grooves, but also the precise Timing (timekeeper) .
The CD has an ingenious structure: apart from various Rock-Pop and ballad-Grooves (Playalongs) there are Drum-Groove-examples to each playback.

The Play Alongs are counted two beats with the metronom so that you can already practice a couple of short Intro-Fills to get into the right feeling. In order to indicate the endings clearly the speed of the metronom has been doubled by the end of the tracks in the last round. To make sure that the drummer can concentrate on the groove of the other instruments nearly all solo-voices have been left out. But there are a few short Solo-spots (guitar, saxophone, piano) and instrumental topics which give relief to the whole thing.


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The CD has been produced on the suggestion of engaged drummers, music traders as well as percussion teachers. We distributed samples to traders and music schools before the publication of the CD and earned some very positive resonances. Tunesday Records wants to fulfil the demand for a special Pop/Rock-Playalong-CD for percussion-beginners with this CD. The total length of the CD is 76:32 minutes which is only 2 seconds less than what you could get with the glasmaster.
This CD is a must go for all percussion-beginners who would like to improve their groove-skills or who simply want to give their enjoyment of playing a lift!
The CD was produced by Martin Häne and is the fourth CD of our series 'Playbacks for drummer'. The first CD (Vol.1) of the series was produced by the Groove it-publisher Jörg Sieghart who earned some great press comments with the CD 'Playbacks for Drummers Vol.1' as well as with his CDs 'Playbacks for Improvisation' (for leadinstruments). (see below)


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Playalong CDs available at our Online-Store


Track 1 Trailer

Track 2 Groove-example to Playback 1

Track 3 Playback 1: 128 bpm, Pop-Rock Groove with a continuously sidestick
try to add some HiHat-stresses or 16th figures

Track 4 Groove-example to Playback 2

Track 5 Playback 2: 87 bpm, rocking laid-back-Track
a special task here could be to play continuously on the ride with the right hand and at the same time add some HIHat-stresses with the left hand on a few odd 16th notes

Track 6 Groove-example to Playback 3

Track 7 Playback 3: 109 bpm, that song is good to play 16th in the verse on the Hihat to

Track 8 Groove-example to Playback 4

Track 9 Playback 4: 80 bpm, Blues, played laid-back

Track 10 Groove-example to Playback 5

Track 11 Playback 5: 99 bpm, a dynamic song: the verse contains a lot of breaks, whereas the
chorus is quite rocky ...

Track 12 Groove-example to Playback 6

Track 13 Playback 6: 103 bpm, Nu Metal, stresses on the HiHat can be played well in the verse;

Track 14 Groove-example to Playback 7

Track 15 Playback 7: 87 bpm, relaxed Popsong

Track 16 Groove-example to Playback 8

Track 17 Playback 8: 121 bpm, Halftime-Feel in the verse

Track 18 Groove-example to Playback 9

Track 19 Playback 9: 160 bpm, Uptempo 8th Rock (which takes a lot of perseverance with the speed 160 bpm)

Track 20 Groove-example to Playback 10

Track 21 Playback 10: 108 bpm, vey good for Ghostnote-figures

Track 22 Groove-example to Playback 11

Track 23 Playback 11: 120 bpm, Country with typical Besen-Groove

Track 24 Bonustrack "Get me wrong" (Music: Jörg Sieghart (Arrangement & Instruments) & Patrick Quintin (Melody), Text: Patrick Quintin) *

Track 25 Playback to Bonustrack "Get me wrong"

Track 26 sample from "Playbacks for Drummer Vol.1"

Track 27 sample from "Playbacks for Drummer Vol.2" (easy Grooves 1)

Track 28 sample from "Playbacks for Drummer Vol.3" (Jazz Grooves 1)
* featuring Patrick Quintin (vocals) – produced by Jörg Sieghart

Total length of the CD: 76:32 minutes!


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