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Blues Playalong CD

Playbacks for improvisation Vol.3 - Blues

for all lead-instruments

(guitar, saxophone, piano, trumpet, bluesharp, keyboards, harmonica...)

"handmade" Blues-Grooves from New Orleans-Groove to Shuffle-Rock

Blues Jamtracks at iTunes

for listening samples please click on the CD-Cover....

CD-Booklet in german: but you don`t need to speak german to use the CD - start it & jam along!

Nothing but Blues !

A must for all blues-players !

Click at the Listening-Samples below....

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Search: "joerg sieghart" or "playbacks for improvisation"


Playbacks for improvisation Vol.3 - Blues

Blues-Playalongs (from Blues-ballad to New Orleans-Groove& Rock-Shuffle) in typical keys

by Jörg Sieghart 

Groove it by Tunesday Records: GI 110

This CD is a must go for all Blues-lovers! 10 handmade Playalong-Tracks provide an authentically accompaniment. Soloists, no matter which instrument they play, will start new high-altitude flights. Various Blues-Grooves like the ballad, the shuffle, the Rock-Blues and the New Orleans-Groove have been put together in its typical keys. Therefore, the current range of classical Blues-rhythms is being processed.

As some kind of inspiration the CD also includes a couple of Solo-samples.

The following harmonies are printed in the CD booklet. More information as well as leadsheets will soon be available on the Tunesday Records Homepage.

As a special present 4 bonus tracks have been added to the CD. The first bonus track is a Jazz-Blues by Stefan Berker´s CD 'Playbacks for Improvisation Jazz Vol.3 - Jazz Blues' (Groove it / Tunesday Records GI 106).

The other 3 bonus tracks are 'bluesy' songs by experienced interpreters: a real pleasure to the ear!

Track 24: Bonustrack 'Sons & Lovers' feat. Michaela Laubach (voc.)

music: Jörg Sieghart text: Richard Palmer-James (co-founder (& former guitarplayer) of SUPERTRAMP)

Track 25: Bonustrack 'Testify' feat. Thomas Wohlfahrt (voc.)

music: Jörg Sieghart text: Richard Palmer-James

Track 26: Bonustrack 'Take me with you' (instrumental) feat. Richard Palmer-James (Guitar / composition)

Richard Palmer-James is one of the founders of the legendary rockband SUPERTRAMP, a distinctive guitarist as well as an international renowned songwriter/lyricist (collaboration with King Crimson, Munich, Supertramp, Michael Cretu and many others)

Michaela Laubach: The singer and actress with the 4 octave voices studied at the 'Musikhochschule Köln' (College of music in Cologne) and was, among others, engaged for several musical productions at the 'Theater des Westens' in Berlin (great theatre in Berlin). In addition to this, she is also the front woman of Nik Page´s (Ex Blind Passengers) side-project 'Lemuria'. (

Thomas Wohlfahrt: The former Star Search-finalist (Germany) has to fight hard against his 'Casting-Image' these days. 'Testify' proves that he is able to interprete a pensive song with a powerful voice.

For all Blues-musicians such as: blues-guitarplayers, bluesharp-players, blues-hornplayers, blues-harmonica-players, blues-piano-players, blues-organ-players, blues-trumpet-players....

Listening-Samples at Getyourmusic:

Trailer   (in german..)

Playback 1 - Blues in A

Solo-Sample Bluesharp to Playback 1

Playback 6 - Shuffle-Rock

Solo-Sample Guitar to Playback 6

Playback 10 - New Orleans Groove

Solo-Sample Saxophone to Playback 10


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Published on our Groove it-label:  price of each CD: 12.- €

Shipping-Costs within EU-countries: 1 - 4 CDs: 6.- €

Shipping-Costs to USA: 1 - 4 CDs: 10.- €  Payment via PayPal is possible (+ 2.- € fee)

(Shipping-Costs + PayPal fee in US-Dollar: 14.- $)

(for other countries: please ask for the shipping-costs !)

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also availble at iTunes or

Search: "joerg sieghart" or "playbacks for improvisation"

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Well known musicians quote to the CD “Playbacks for Improvisation” Vol.1 Playalongs in all 12 keys

by Jörg Sieghart (for all lead instruments) as follows:

Richard Palmer-James – founding member and former guitarist of SUPERTRAMP comments:

"… No dry practice patterns, but lovingly composed and arranged songs in different styles and tempi, that work perfectly  as scenes for ones' own soloistic fantasies…"

Hayno Doerk ( - professional musician, former guitarist of Poems for Laila, guest guitar player of Engerling and Scirocco – thinks:


"Be it for teaching, for realizing ideas or simply for a virtuos performance – those playbacks offer a groovy, lively and good-sounding accompanying band, which every soloist desires. Just by pressing a button, one can get every key and every style between pop and rock - great!"


Jürgen Birlinger – recognized singer/songwriter (, guitarist and music teacher – thinks:

"With different styles of rock and pop music, this CD offers excellent playbacks for improvisation. The beginner as well as the advanced musician can try himself as a front man of a modern rock/pop band and at the same time improve his skills of playing solos. A contemporary instrumentalisation and modern grooves assure that fun will not be a raw deal.

Moreover, this CD is absolutely a gain for progressive instrumental lessons! Good-humoured and motivated pupils, who can finally "rock" and who have the possibility to test their acquired knowledge under real-life circumstances, show this...

Great that there is finally a "Play-A-Long" CD for future rock and pop stars!"


The music internet domain Bloom ( writes in its review by Robert Kneschke:

"Hm, because I have been so busy playing the guitar, I would nearly not have managed to write this review. If a playback CD can divert that much, it is a good sign...

With drums, rhythm guitar, bass, and keyboard, the melodious, in itself diatonic carpet is laid out for the soloist to let his creativity live...

Now I would like to excuse myself, I want to play along to Track 14, Reggae in G-major." 


Press critics of the CD "Playbacks for Improvisation Vol. 1" by Jörg Sieghart released at our Tunesday Records label Groove it

SOUND & VISION (Issue 2 / 2002) describes the production as "extraordinary" and further: "The practising player can specifically deal with the harmonic surrounding of his improvisations and thus further develop the skills for playing solos. Even though the harmonics are easy, already the first track in C-Major has a good sound, making it unproblematic for beginners to get along and, with the help of the CD, to develop their skills.


KEYBOARDS (Issue 7 / 2002 – Review by pianst Wolfgang Wierzyk):

"The CD sounds very good and "fresh" - not like "canned music", the songs are diversified and stylistically wide-ranging."

and further: "With a price of 12 Euros, the CD is a very cheap offer." and "Conclusion: A promising approach, which should not be - with respect to the really low price - endangered by copying this CD."  


MUSICOUTLOOK (Issue 6/2002): "The learning effect goes far beyond the style: Thus, trumpeters and saxophonists do have to deal with the typical guitar scales like E-Major and A-Major, while the colleagues from the guitar fraction also have to play solos in typical wind scales like A-flat-major and E-flat-major, which is extremely beneficial for the ability to play together."

and further: "There is no dispute over the quality of the product...........all kinds of instrumentalists can play at home and appear at the band practice without a thick neck. And that is good. Really."


MUSICIAN (Issue 6 / 2001): "What was missing up to now were practice playbacks in the rock and pop area, which systematically introduce the learning player into the subject and accompany him through the different harmonics and scales. With Groove it – Playbacks Vol. 1, Jörg Sieghart managed to fill a gap in the market."

and more: "Further CD's of the Playback-series are supposed to follow...we are excited and are happy about this engagement of Jörg Sieghart, which crucially enriches the market.".


MUSIKER MAGAZIN (Issue 2/2003 – magazine of the German association of rock musicians): "The investment remunerates for any band."


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Published on our Groove it-label:  price of each CD: 12.- €

Shipping-Costs within EU-countries: 1 - 4 CDs: 6.- €

Shipping-Costs to USA: 1 - 4 CDs: 10.- €  Payment via PayPal is possible (+ 2.- € fee)

(Shipping-Costs + PayPal fee in US-Dollar: 14.- $)

(for other countries: please ask for the shipping-costs !)

Or download the CD:

also availble at iTunes or

Search: "joerg sieghart" or "playbacks for improvisation"



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